Underneath It All

Underneath It All


lucy, skin and brow therapist and owner, wanted to rebrand what she started off with for underneath it all. we wanted to encapsulate lucy's approach to skincare with her water baby roots by incorporating cool simplicity with a fun, feminine tone, with brand elements that mimic water and skin care products to connect all the dots.

the brand colour palette is inspired by skin, sand and sea, with a range of print and web fonts for text and display to bring in some playful beach babe vibes. all of this brand beauty went into a style guide, that sets out brand elements and usage as part of underneath it all's brand toolkit.

think about fully immersing yourself in water and how blissfully simple that physical act and feel is. that's how we want you to feel about underneath it all.

on top of creating business cards, a price list and updating her website with her new branding, Studio Start created and curated social media content templates for facebook and instagram using Canva so that lucy could easily create her own posts, ensuring a super consistent social media presence.

services: rebranding | collateral | web design | social media

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danielle went above and beyond to gather as much info about my business and what I was trying to portray. i couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! communication was incredible!
— lucy, underneath it all