underneath it all

danielle went above and beyond to gather as much info about my business and what I was trying to portray.

every image was picked by hand and font was narrowed down to exactly what I was looking for.

I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! communication was incredible!

- lucy, underneath it all

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Danielle Hall
the leafery room

danielle was very thorough in finding out about my business, what it meant to me and how I saw its future.

she got me and my biz right from the start and created beautiful branding that resonates with what my biz is about and is perfect for all it’s branding needs.


- jesslyn, the leafery room

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Danielle Hall
stunning by lisa

I was so happy with all of our interactions regarding getting my brand concepts together and creating a clear goal and focus, which I think the results speak for themselves.

nothing was ever an issue, and danielle was also very informative about what I needed to know.

i was super happy with everything!


- lisa, stunning by lisa

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Danielle Hall
folklore music group

danielle is super detail oriented and all communication was clear and well presented.

this made it easy for me to focus on how i wanted the design to look and feel.

she turned my moodboard into a brand that i am truly proud of. 

- esther, folklore music group

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Danielle Hall
love inspire heal

danielle fully understood exactly what I wanted my website to look like.

she created my vision so perfectly, if not better than I could have ever imagined.

she exceeded all of my expectations without a doubt and smashed out an amazing website that I will forever be proud of and love!

- ashlea, love inspire heal

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Danielle Hall