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branding is the first place to start when putting your business out into the world.

branding is not just a logo.

behind branding is meaning, which is truly unique to every business. a brand is a visual representation of you and your business, and the meaning behind your why.

a strategically crafted brand speaks volumes to your target audience that not only looks good, but feels good. the branding process starts by discovering and defining the meaning behind your business and your goals, and from there we curate your brand style.



in today's digital world, a website is essential for business.

your website is a visual experience for your audience.

your website is for sharing content, launching and selling products + services, interacting with your audience and connecting the dots to your social media.

we design websites using squarespace, a platform that is aligned to our clients in simplicity, aesthetics and ease of use. our web design process is defined by your business and brand, it's needs and goals, using strategies such as user experience, sitemapping and wireframing before we start designing a completely custom website for you.

Social Media

a cohesive social media presence connects your target audience to you.

social media isn't just about posting flatlays and #tbt's.

your social media should hook your followers, inspire engagement and convert.

we can assist with planning and scheduling content, content creation and curation, captioning posts and account set up / management for all social media channels based on your business, brand and goals, which frees you up to focus on the bigger things in your business.


The Process



we begin the design process with discovering your business, your goals and your vision through your brand discovery workbook and pinterest board. once your workbook is complete, we will go through your workbook answers and pins to confirm the creative direction and elements for your project, as well as answer any questions.



when we’ve established your creative direction, we will research and create a design strategy for your chosen package that includes brand analysis, moodboard and colour palette that will align with your goals and vision of your business. the strategy, along with your workbook and visual inspiration, will form the groundwork of your brand identity concepts.



after you approve your strategy, we will craft and present concepts based on your package. after you’ve selected a concept, we will refine your chosen design to perfection. all of our project communication and organisation happens in asana, so it's in one place only for you to review and manage.



once your chosen concept is approved and final payment made, we will provide you with all you need via dropbox to get you ready to launch and use at every stage of your business for years to come. we also highly suggest a glass of champagne or 2 to celebrate.


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