Brand Voice Vibes

What draws you to a Brand? 

Is it with their packaging? The brand identity? 

Or what about it's tone of voice?

I'm all for beautiful and intelligent form + function, but what gets me jazzed about brands is their tone of voice - the way they speak to you, the way they make you feel. I'm instantly impressed with brands whose tone of voice are so damn consistent across their design, branding, products, people etc. It's an obvious sign that the brand is totally committed to who it is, how it runs, what it offers, and how the whole brand experience goes. Whilst each and every brand may not be everyone's cup of tea, a brand's overall voice vibe and approach can create it's own community of buyers/followers/cult members for life. Brand cheerleaders, essentially.

The moment I instantly connect with a brand, that's it - I'm a goner. You'll have me for life if you're the type of brand that has a little sass, a dash of humour, sophistication and can speak and relate to me on a human level. A brand that has the same thoughts, wants, needs, ideas, common ground. Just shut up and take my money! 

Here are 2 brands that I Ride or Die for in the voice vibe dept:

2. Glossier

I could go on and on and on and on and on about why I adore/relate/idolise these brands, but I won't - because we would be here forever. But what I noticed whilst curating this little voice vibe moodboard is that these 2 brands (and others that I love) are the voice of their own girl bosses, Jen Gotch ( and Emily Weiss (Into the Gloss, Glossier). They are smart, sassy women who have strived to make their brand not only about their products, but about an experience. Positivity, femininity, tongue in cheek - both brands speak to women, support women and create a culture and community of women that love themselves inside and out, whilst having a whole lotta fun. That's what I'm all about, and the main goal for my biz is the same - supportive, positive and fun.

Which brands speak to you the most?