2017 | a review



the beauty of a new year is looking back on looking back at the year that was, setting new goals and reflecting on things that were amazing or could have gone better to ultimately be better for the year ahead. here are three things i'm taking into the new year that i learnt in 2017.


presenting clients with concepts can be a scary thing, let alone putting your creativity out there in the big world. the expectations of visually translating creative briefs and creating your best work yet can be so high, and sometimes it's hard not to take constructive feedback personally - despite being necessary to the design process. 

taking things personally really affected me not only mentally, but my work. self-doubt kicked in, and i was hesitant to say yes to projects which also affected the experience i could have gained. my "say yes and you'll figure it out later" mantra became a distant memory of my confidence, and in turn, i decided to go back to full time unrelated to design work.

i realised during this time that i was running away from my business because i was uncomfortable - something i usually do when i go past my comfort zone. this made me question my why, and after a millisecond of thought, i instantly knew i wanted to go back to freelancing and find my creative confidence again.

 i started re-reading Big Magic on the first day of 2018, which has been such a positive force in understanding creativity as a whole and finding the confidence to go big. 


2017 was the year of connection for me. i discovered some amazing facebook groups like Designer Boss-Ladies, The Designer Collective and Creative Lady Collective as well interacting with fellow designers on instagram and being a part of Square Design Guild, which have been such a support to me and my business.

being a freelancer can be isolating and intense at times so being able to get troubleshooting to app suggestions and vent sessions pretty much instantaneously from my peers has been so amazing in so many ways. i've met designers that i now call friends - is there anything better than that?


whilst juggling part time and full time work, i found it hard to carve out a direction for my studio. i've always had big hopes and dreams, but life gets in the way sometimes, and priorities shift.

the end of 2017 saw a massive change in direction for design and hula studio. after i completed shareworthy design for freelancers and design biz bootcamp and used devan danielle's creative business plan to put the pieces together, 2018 is looking bright. 

step one was to update my dormant website - so if you're reading this now, welcome to my new website! it has been a labour of love putting the site together (especially during summer holidays!) so i hope you like my new digital home. step two was streamlining my services and process so my clients can have the best experience possible for the exact services they need. i've said goodbye to stacks of productivity apps and started using dubsado (love of my life right now) to manage my biz  - and i've got to say, it feels so good being so simple. if my work is minimal, shouldn't my biz be, too?!

what did you learn in 2017, and what are you taking with you into 2018? i'd love to know.