Fundamentals | Philosophy

You’ve probably heard “find your why” when it comes to doing what you love and how you manage your biz. It may seem like a buzz phrase, but It truly is the heart and soul of why you do what you do and how you do it, and it’s important to plan it out before you start your business and check back in every few months as you’re growing so you stay on the path you have created.

Knowing your why keeps your head up when you’re going through difficult times in your biz.

Knowing your why creates the most beautiful experience for your audience, and experience that is truly you.

Knowing your why means you are doing you, 100%.

Sometimes, your why changes on the journey, or you might simply forget whilst you’re trying to grow. I’ve found coming back to the core of myself helps me realign again - like a reminder of why I started.

Studio Start’s why is deep and it is wide. My why considers not just my process, but my client experience and my purpose, and i have built my approach to my work and business around this.

studio philosophy

a holistic approach to business that goes further than looks.

organisation meets design for a seamless experience.

a unique journey for each client, no matter how big or small.

open and collaborative conversation that's encouraged and supported.

simplicity and strategy in every aspect of the process is key.

heart and purpose driven in every way.

Are you wondering what your why is? Or do you feel it in your bones?