Design | Terms

There’s much more to branding than meets the eye. Here’s a handy glossary of sorts that covers the main design terms in my branding process and what clients receive based on the branding package they choose.

a text-only, primary logo which can be simple or stylised i.e witchery, pinterest, google, vogue.

a text based logo as acronyms and initials. rather than including the whole brand or company name, the lettermark illustrates a shortened visual monogram or anagram i.e. m.a.c, mtv, apc, vw.

logo icon
a pictorial logo; an icon or simple image or abstract shape that becomes synonymous with the brand i.e. apple, nike, chanel, lululemon.

an element pulled from or visually similar but simplified variation to the primary logo that can easily showcase a simple and condensed design at a smaller size (think favicons, profile pictures or watermarks)

alternate logo
a slight variation of the primary logo for greater flexibility in the logo application;  generally either a horizontal or centre aligned variant of the main logo, depending on the original design.

a curated collection of colours, images and textures that set the tone for the brand mood, generally created from a Pinterest board and based off your workbook answers which visually confirms the creative direction for the brand strategy, design and its elements.

brand board
a one-page PDF with an overview of all your brand elements, including final colours, fonts, logo variations, design elements such as patterns and icons, and image inspiration.

brand guideline
a multi page PDF including the same elements as the brand board with the addition of specific instructions on how to use your graphics (logo minimum size, clear space, intended application of each element across various media), a key tool to ensure your brand elements are applied consistently and helpful when supplying your assets to anyone using your brand.

brand / visual identity
every piece that visually represents your brand — your logo, stationery, marketing materials, website and social media. it tells your audience who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and what to expect from you at a glance.

your brand is your personality, your voice and your core offering and value. your audience's perception of your brand is shaped by everything they see, hear and experience when they interact with your business. 

collateral is the collection of printed media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service, the tangible material of the brand.

Any design terms you’ve come across that you’re wondering about? Let me know here.